Advertise your luxury holiday villa on Juliana's Luxury Villas


Are you the owner of a luxury holiday villa in the South of France? That's great! At least 99% of the world's population is jealous of you! Are you looking to earn some of your investment back by letting it out to holidaymakers? Even better, that's what we're here for!

Whether your luxury villa is your normal residence you only want to rent out during the summer months or a retirement project or investment plan you would like to put on the market year-round, at Juliana's Luxury Villas we offer to put your luxury villa on the market - for free!

It's not only free, it's also easy! Simply send us an email with complete details and information of your property and high resolution, professional photos. With this information we will see if your property is up to standards to add to our portfolio. If we agree to advertise your property on our website one of our team members will come by to visit the property and speak with you or your property manager in person. During this visit we would like to get to know you better and we will check whether all details and photos are accurate and up-to-date.

Advertising your property on our website comes with the following promises:
  • That we will always respond rapidly, efficiently and personally to all enquiries whether from owners or clients
  • That one of our team will view your property so we will have personal knowledge of it when dealing with enquirers
  • That we will keep in close touch regarding enquiries and availability
  • That we will deal fairly and reasonably with all clients and owners
  • That we will handle the money side of any transaction fairly, honestly and transparently